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Axcel AVX-31 Scope with "T" Connector
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Art-Nr. 20231222-20
Menge Stück
Farbe Black
Ausführung RH - rechts Hand
Ring Pin External Spacer without pin
Fiber Optic Ring Pin 0.019 Green (+ 49,00 €)
Fiber Optic Ring Pin 0.019 Red (+ 49,00 €)
Torque Indicator without Torque Indicator
with Torque Indicator (+ 29,00 €)

This new 31mm modular scope series offers an amazing range of customization for the ultimate sight picture in any shooting condition.
The AVX system offers a variety of components (some optional) to build out your perfect scope
Archers may shoot with a Front Stepped Shade or a Torque Indicator
If you want to shoot pins the Interchangeable Ring Pin is available in .010" & .019" in multiple colors for the brightest Pins Axcel has offered
Rheostat Cover will allow for brightness control in varying lighting conditions
The External Spacer is used when you're shooting a lens without pins
Lens Spacer & Lens Retainer will sandwich a 31mm size lens
Long Sunshade may be added for additional glare reduction and consistent light transmission
Scope is ready to drop in a lens of your choice (sold separately)
When shooting a lens only setup illuminate a center drilled lens, dot, or lens etching with two light ports designed for 8/32" threads
Use an alternate light source through the Axcel T-Connection with a 3/8" x 32 thread
Add or remove the Level Blank to control light transmission within scope body
AVX Scopes are completely ambidextrous


Scope with "T" Connector and 10/32" Stainless Steel Connection Rod
AVX-31 Lens Spacer
AVX-31 External Spacer
AVX-31 Lens Retainer
AVX-31 Level Blank
AVX-31 Ring Pin Retainer

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