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Axcel Armortech Lite Tactical Bowhunting Sight (.019" 5 pin)
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The Armortech Lite will be a dependable choice among the hardest of hunters that want to keep the overall weight of their set-up light and compact.
A lighter direct mounting bracket with options of greater elevation are just one of the superior features of the new Armortech Lite.
Complete sight leveling capability, with true 2nd and 3rd axis, each axis has a two-screw locking system to secure the desired settings.
A new design in the windage bracket allows for more overall travel within the windage adjustment.
Both windage and elevation contain a lock lever that is used to secure the settings for that movement, loosen the lock lever to make gang adjustment, then re-tighted when complete.
The Armortech Lite comes standard with the Accustat II Scope and its popular individual micro adjustable pins.
Each pin contains 24" of ultra-flex durable fiber, a rheostat cover for toning down the brightness of the pins eliminating fiber starbursts and an in-the-housing level bubble for quick and accurate level reference.
All Armortech Lite Hunting Sights can accommodate right or left-hand dexterity with no additional parts and comes in black only.

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