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UltraView Nock On PSE Signature Series Grip
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Designed in collaboration with Archery guru John Dudley for the Nock On Nation
Flat slightly wider pressure point improves accuracy and decrease torque at full draw especially in lower holding weight set-ups
Higher wrist position increases stability at full draw by reducing tension in bow arm muscles
Simple 2 screw installation mounts directly on the riser
Ambidextrous design is compatible with both right hand and left hand bows
Raised Nock on logos for increase confidence in consistent hand placement
no slip surface
For PSE Aluminum risers and Nock On Carbon Levitate bow


Nock On Carbon Levitate
Evo XF
Nock On Embark
Nock On Evo NTN
Bandit NXT
Drive NXT
Stinger ATK
Brute ATK
NOTE: Each grip comes with 2 sets of screws. The black screws must only be used on the Carbon Levitate and the silver screws must only be used on aluminum model bows.

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