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UltraView UV3XL 3 Pin Hunting Cartridge
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The most streamlined and easy to use multi-pin system.
The 3 Pin cartridge comes with a center-mounted fixed pin for optimum sight picture, 2 adjustable pins, and a bonus pin at the bottom of the housing if you need more distance.
The adjustable pins are seated in a channel to ensure a non-binding finite adjustability while also preventing the pins from moving when you tighten them back down.
The 3 Pin is machined from high-grade aluminum and is all self contained within the scope cartridge, so it's streamlined with no added bulk.
The centered fixed pin allows you to easily swap between single and double pin cartridges without losing your central mark.
Your point of impact does not change when you swap your cartridges. For example, you could have a single pin cartridge, double pin cartridge, a 3 Pin cartridge and all 3 cartridges will have a pin exactly in the center of your sight picture.
The cartridge is constructed out of a high quality molded polymer core.
Pin sizes from top to bottom are .015”, .015”, .010”, and the bonus pin is .010”

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