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Feather Vision AciesPlus™ Drilled Lens
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Art-Nr. 20181109-02
Menge Stück
Durchmesser 3D (1.75") - Designed for most 1-3/4" housings
Target (1.355") - Designed for most 1-3/8" housings
Vergrößerung 2 fach
4 fach
6 fach
8 fach
Pin 0,019"

Lieferzeit ca. 6 Wochen

• The AciesPlus™ (ah-key-ace) lens is made from advanced composite material and utilizes the advantages of an aspheric design
• The material is the lightest on the market while being one of the strongest
• The lens has an ABBE value approaching that of glass, providing excellent scratch resistance
• The lens provides a distortion free image while maintaining a light transmittance rate of over 99% when combined with its Zeiss® coatings. The lens also blocks 100% of UVA and UVB light waves
• The AciesPlus™ uses the most recent and advanced multi-layer Zeiss® Hydrophobic (water hating) and Oleophobic (oil hating) AR coating that repels fingerprints, dust and water. This coating is the same one that has garnered the FeatherVision™ VerdePlus™ lens resounding acclaim
• Target (1.355") - Designed for most 1-3/8" housings
• 3D (1.75") - Designed for most 1-3/4" housings
• Center drilled to accommodate a fiber optic

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