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ULTRAVIEW Doublet Lens (UV3XL)
ULTRAVIEW Doublet Lens (UV3XL)
Pre-drilled and perfectly centered .19" hole
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Art-Nr. 20240417-16
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Vergrößerung 2 Fach
4 fach
5 fach
6 fach
8 fach

Single lenses deform light to magnify targets, a second lens – bonded in the perfect lenticular plane to the first – balances light distribution and wavelengths to perfectly replicate the target down range. You won’t get color fringing (aberrations) or focus differences as you get farther from the optical center – UV Doublet™ is sharp edge to edge.


Achromatic (no color aberrations)
Extremely easy to clarify
Edge-to-edge sharpness
Pre-drilled and perfectly centered .19" hole
Available in 2x, 4x, 5x, 6x, and 8x magnifications
Diameter: 1.75"

Note: UV Doublet™ comes pre-installed in a lens cartridge with an ULTRAVIEW branded microfiber lens cloth.

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