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T.R.U. Ball Trident Flex Thumb Release
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The Trident Flex features an all-aluminum body creating an unbelievable trigger feel coupled with an extremely light handle weight specifically tailored for hunting. First, high-end thumb-activated releases that can automatically reset on their own. That’s right! There is no need to cock or reset this release; it does it automatically for you, shot after shot! The Trident features all hardened stainless steel internal components, including the Tri-Star Hook System with an added magnet that aids in resetting the sear into a ready-to-shoot position. The absence of a cocking mechanism with the Trident Flex ensures this release is both quiet and crisp. This not only makes this release a superior target option but also a lethal hunting option! The Trident Flex has an individual trigger travel adjustment screw with a lock and an individual trigger sensitivity adjustment screw with a lock for individual personalization.

First ever high-end thumb-activated target/hunting release that resets itself with no lag
Independent travel and sensitivity adjustments with lock
All internal mechanisms made of hardened stainless steel
Hardened stainless steel Tri-Star sear
Ultra-crisp trigger
Ultra-Flex Personalized Fit System
Adjustable 3-finger piece: 30° of radial rotation in one location. (15° forward and 15° backward)


Activation style: Thumb button
Number of fingers: 3 Finger
Construction: Aluminum
Adjustable tension: yes
Adjustable travel: yes
Micro-adjustable: no

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