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Axcel CarboFlax 550 Acclaim Stabilizer Side Rod (10")
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Art-Nr. 20220107-59
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Maintains a slim diameter for better wind resistance, ideal for compound and recurve shooters alike
Feature a new Carbon Fiber Twill finish with engraved endcaps that highlight the brand and model names
Innovative carbon design incorporates plant-based Flax materials with Ultra High Modulus Carbon to create a patented Bio Composite Hybrid bar
This hybrid design is stronger and stiffer than normal carbon with better dampening properties
Comes with one 2 ounce 1" diameter weights, a one 1 ounce 1" diameter weight, and a 3 ounce X-VIBE vibration dampener
The X-VIBE dampener attached to the outer diameter of the carbon rod and pinches the rubber tight against the carbon to ensure outstanding shock absorption throughout the shot sequence
The X-VIBE can slide the entire length of the carbon bar to optimize dampening and weight distribution
Axcel designers recommend the X-VIBE be placed 3-4 inches from the end of the stabilizer
10" Side Rod

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