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Axcel CarboFlax 550 Acclaim Stabilizer Long Rod
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Art-Nr. 20212913-10
Menge Stück
Länge 24"

Perfect for recurve and compound bows
The stiffest bar on the market in 0.550" diameter
Equal stiffness to Axcel's 0.650" bar
Made to handle extra heavy weight for compound shooters
Maintains a slim diameter for better wind resistance, ideal for compound and recurve shooters alike
Feature a new Carbon Fiber Twill finish with engraved endcaps that highlight the brand and model names
Innovative carbon design incorporates plant-based Flax materials with Ultra High Modulus Carbon to create a patented Bio Composite Hybrid bar
This hybrid design is stronger and stiffer than normal carbon with better dampening properties
Comes with one 2 ounce 1" diameter weights, a one 1 ounce 1" diameter weight, and a 3 ounce X-VIBE vibration dampener
The X-VIBE dampener attached to the outer diameter of the carbon rod and pinches the rubber tight against the carbon to ensure outstanding shock absorption throughout the shot sequence
The X-VIBE can slide the entire length of the carbon bar to optimize dampening and weight distribution
Axcel designers recommend the X-VIBE be placed 3-4 inches from the end of the stabilizer

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