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UltraView UV3 Target Scope Kit with Lens
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Art-Nr. 202100617-28
Menge Set
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x 6 Lens
x 8 Lens

The latest advancement in sight picture simplicity is here at Lancaster Archery, the UltraView UV3 Scope
A fully integrated light kit has the ability to illuminates center drilled fiber, fluorescents aiming reticles, single up-pin, & level
Easily swap cartridges to have the precise aiming solution for your current application
5 LEDs provide un-matched brightness that eclipses the previous UV2 generation of scopes
10 brightness settings and the ability to toggle on/off the level light
7 hours of battery life with two cr 2025 3 volt batteries
Auto-off 4 minute time out keeps your light kit on and switches it off to save your battery life
100% waterproof and ready for the outdoors
World Archery Cap replaces light kit when not in use
Optically centered dot or fiber is on the same plane as your mount and maintains center even if rotated
Single up-pin (sold separately) may be used in conjunction with a lens
Center drilled Lens accepts .019" fiber
Scope body constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and 17% lighter than UV2
White lens gasket acts as a peep alignment ring within the UV3 Scope
Designed to ambidextrous for use with both left and right-handed archers
Lens Cartridge accepts: 1 3/8" size lenses

Scope Body
Light Cartridge
Rear Cartridge
The lens of your choice
2 extra batteries
4" fiber kit (green, Blue, Red)
Dot Kit with multiple reticles and colors
20" piece of green .019" fiber
Blue, Red, and Green level (installed)
Mounting hardware
World Archery Cap

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