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Victory Shaft VAP TKO Low Torque Elite
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Small diameter carbon shaft from Victory.

Key features:

Designed for performance and penetration..
Durable, torque reducing, 100% carbon construction.
Outer layer of carbon engineered to reduce twisting force on arrow launch, increasing accuracy and kinetic energy.
Small diameter design to minimise wind-drift and tighten groups.
Technical specifications:

Material: Carbon
Diameter: Small Diameter .166
Grains Per Inch: 8.4-9.5 (Spine dependent)
Straightness Tolerance: ±0.001"
Weight Tolerance: ±0.5 grains
Available Spines: 300-400
Uncut length (approx):
Included components: Bohning F Nock and Victory Shok Insert
Optimal for: Long range accuracy

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