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Victory Shaft VAP V6 Target Sport
ab 9,99 €   Stück
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20170205-01
Menge Stück
Spine 1200
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TopHat Nock Collar (+ 0,54 €)
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Technical specifications:
Straightness: 0.006 inch
Weight Tolerance: 0.50 ± grains
Uncut Length (Approx): 30.50 inch
Included Accessories: AAE IP Nock
MaterialHigh-modulus carbon fibre
Optimal ForIndoor Target / Outdoor Target / Field / 3D

Key features:

Thick walled, 100% high modulas carbon construction for tight group sizes.
High strength, durable construction.
Provides wind resisting long range accuracy.
Nano- ceramic "ICE" coating for improved penetration and easy arrow removal.
Good range of spines for a perfect tune.
Technical specifications:

Material: Carbon
Diameter: Small Diameter
Straightness Tolerance: ±0.006
Weight Tolerance: ±0.005

The Victory VAP Target Shaft has set a superior advantage in the target world. The ultra-small diameter and thick walled, 100% high modulus carbon is a perfect combination to shrink your group size and increase your scores. Victory’s patented curing process constructs tighter tolerances that are unmatched and will give you the confidence needed when standing on the shooting line. The Target VAP’s ultra-small outside diameter, coupled with match grade Tophat components, give you exceptional long range accuracy and wind bucking capabilities. The result is a breakthrough in target accuracy and simply the best target arrow on the market.

• 400 (7.1 gpi), 450 (6.7 gpi), 500 (6.0 gpi), 600 (5.5 gpi), 700 (5.8 gpi), 800 (5.3 gpi), 900 (5.0 gpi), 1000 (5.2 gpi), 1100 (5.5 gpi), 1200 (5.5 gpi)

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