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Spot-Hogg Arrow Rest Swap Infinity
ab 179,00 €   Stück
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20170404-01
Menge Stück
Ausführung 1 Body RH Short Bar
1 Body RH Long Bar
1 Body LH Short Bar
2 Bodies RH Short Bar (+ 79,00 €)
2 Bodies RH Long Bar (+ 79,00 €)
2 Bodies LH Short Bar (+ 79,00 €)

Compound blade rest from Spot Hogg.

Key features:

High performance, micro-adjustable compound blade rest.
No clamping micro-adjustable windage and elevation.
Accurace, durable, and dependable.
Spring loaded launcher with adjustable tension.
Includes .008" and .010" blades, 2 rest bodies and hard sided travel case.
Rest can be completely removed during travel without loss of tune.
Swap easily between arrows out of the same bow by having different bodies set for different arrows.
Experiment with different tuning options.
Simple and easy to use.

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