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Garmin Xero® C1 Pro Chronograph
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Misst mittel- und Hochgeschwindigkeits-Projektile von 100 fps bis 5.000 fps für Kugeln, Pfeile, Bolzen, Schnecken, Birdshot, Paintballs und Airsoft BBs
Einfach einzurichten und einfach zu bedienen; schalten Sie es ein, richten Sie es in die richtige Richtung und schießen Sie in etwa 38,1 cm vom Gerät entfernt
Kompaktes Design ist leicht zu transportieren, da es in Ihre Gesäßtasche passt
Verfügt über ein leicht ablesbares Display mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung
Das knopfbedienbare Design ist einfach zu bedienen

The Xero® C1 Pro chronograph makes ballistics calculations easy. This compact device fits in your back pocket, measures projectile velocities from 100 fps to 5,000 fps, and provides the data you need to refine your equipment. The setup is simple and intuitive, thanks to the button-operated design. Compare velocity for every shot fired, track deviation, and more in the ShotView™ smartphone app. It’s built to last, thanks to its IPX7 water-resistant rating. With up to 6 hours of battery life, you’ll have plenty of time at the range.


Measures medium- and high-velocity projectiles from 100 fps to 5,000 fps for bullets, arrows, bolts, slugs, birdshot, paintballs, and airsoft BBs
Easy to set up and simple to use; turn it on, point it in the right direction, and shoot level, aiming at a target 4 feet away and within roughly 15” of the device to achieve a consistent reading.
Build your most accurate archery set-up by determining your optimal arrow velocity
With Pro settings enabled your arrow weight may be entered to calculate kinetic energy
Measure changes in arrow build weights and effects on pin spread for specific hunting applications
Must have tool for setting up and sighting in crossbow using variable power speed specific optics
Compact design is easy to transport since it fits in your back pocket
Features an easy-to-read, backlit display
Button-operated design is simple to use
Up to 6 hours of battery life give you plenty of time at the range
Pair with your smartphone, and use the ShotView™ app to record results and keep track of your data: compare velocity for every shot fired, calculate extreme spreads, keep track of different projectiles, track deviation, and more
50 sessions at max 100 shots per round before a
ShotView™ app sync is required to save data to the phone
No need to attach anything to your firearm, which means it won’t affect your zero or barrel harmonics
Built to endure the elements with an IPX7 water-resistant rating
Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery; nonreplaceable
In The Box:

Xero C1 Pro chronograph
1/4-20 thread tripod mount
USB Type A to Type C cable

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