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OMP FlightDeck Arrow Center
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The FlightDeck Arrow Center is your arrow’s new last stop before you hit that X or your freezer is full. Loaded with features, the FlightDeck is both an arrow spinner/square, and an arrow cleaning/prep station – PLUS it fits inside your bow case! Our frictionless spinner design allows you to check your arrow flight before it ever touches your string. The prep station includes a .22 caliber brush to remove burrs from the inside of your shafts, a .22 caliber slotted jag to prep the inside of your arrow before gluing, and a nonslip rubber pad on the bottom to keep the FlightDeck locked down.


Prepare to fletch by Spinning, Squaring and Cleaning with this all-in-one professional arrow prep tool
Low-friction spinner
Built-in arrow squaring tool
Nonslip rubber pad on bottom
Includes arrow cleaning components:
.22 caliber brass brush
.22 caliber slotted jag
T6061 aluminum construction

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