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AAE Bitz Nock Receiver
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Art-Nr. 20220817-03
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Precision vane spacing receiver upgrade for Bitzenburger fletching jig!
Regardless of your preferred vane configuration, the Bitz knob will ensure consistent vane spacing.
All three-vane indexing options match the original receiver. (120°, 90°, & 75°x105°).
In addition to the incredibly accurate vane location, the Bitz Knob uses a wedge design that forces the nock down into the same location every time with a specific thickness to allow for positive nock engagement whether you are using target or hunting nocks.
For those who chose to repair 1 vane at a time, the Bitz Knob also features a set screw that allows the nock feature to rotate inside the body for single vane repair alignment without the need to rotate your nock.

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