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With the Pack-N-GO, you can quickly take your press and turn it into a huge space saver on your next trip. Using the Pack-N-GO, you can easily travel with a bow press under or behind the seat of your car. No need to move your shop press, have the Pack-N-GO ready for adjustments in the field.

The Pack-N-GO includes a handy carrying case that your press fits inside perfectly. The bow press case includes five pockets for your five bow press fingers. This case makes it super easy not only to save space but also to carry your press to different locations with little to no hassle.

• Folds down to 3” thick

• Compact and Packable for easy transportation

• Bench mounted only

• Hand crank for fast, EZ and smooth movement

• Patented finger system to accommodate most compound bows

• Draw stop finger included

• Press any bow from 25” - 48” length

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