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HHA RYZ and Long Distance Tetra Sight Tapes
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15 years ago HHA introduced their “to-the-yard accuracy” yardage tapes. They have prided themselves in building the highest quality tapes available on the market. New for 2022, they are introducing the RYZ/Long Distance Tetra tapes. Reaching distances further than they have reached before, the RYZ/Long Distance Tetra Tapes are sure to give you an edge the next time you hit the range. All RYZ/Long Distance Tetra Tapes are waterproof and are color coded to be easily seen in low light conditions. Each tape is peelable to eliminate the need for scissors when installing your yardage tape.


Replacement sight tapes for the HHA RYZ sight
Can also be used as long-distance tapes for HHA Tetra sights
Color Coded

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