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PSE Compound Bow Dominator Duo 38 M2 2023
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Art-Nr. 20230221-37
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Ausführung RH 60-50 LBS 26-30" NEW BLUE
RH 60-50 LBS 26-30" GREEN

The 2023 PSE Dominator Duo is a seismic shift in target bow technology, delivering unmatched speed and incredibly forgiving performance, while providing hundreds of options for tuning and adjustability.
Axle to Axle: 38”
IBO speed: 349fps
Brace height: 6-3/4”
Net weight: 5.1lbs
Draw length: 26-30”
Draw weight: 50, 60lbs
Let off: 65-75%
PSE is proud to introduce the new EZ.220 Snap Spacer System on the Dominator Duo, allowing for quick bow tuning and cam lean adjustment.
Full Draw. This is where everything matters; it’s the difference between success and failure. That’s why the 2023 PSE Dominator Duo has been built on PSE’s Full Draw Stability Technology, providing the most stable shooting experience in archery thanks to its dynamic brace height.
Engineered on a new ambidextrous riser with PSE’s patent-pending “Flip Chip” technology, the Dup eliminates the need for a right or left-hand specific bow. The Duo can easily switch to fit either hand based on the needs of the shooter.

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