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Axcel Curve RXF Sjef Signature Series Scope
ab 99,00 €   Stück
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Art-Nr. 20240305-12
Menge Stück
Ausführung RH - Right Hand
LH - Left Hand
Pin Color Red
Pin Diameter 0,019"

Designed short to reduce inside scope wall visibility that occurs when moving the scope 5 meters to 60 meters in field archery competition.
- Adjustable Rheostat cover to adjust pin brightness & eliminate starburst.
- All models include: #8-32 Rod, Rheostat Cover, Aperture Discs, & )-Ring (No lens Capability)

Sjef Van Den Berg Just Used His NEW Prototype Sjef Signature Series Scope for the First Time in Competition to Become the #1 Men's Recurve Qualifier at the World Cup World Championships in Mexico City

The Sjef Curve RXF scope features the following:
Recurve scope tube length is shortened to improve accuracy, so the inside wall of the scope is not seen when moving the scope up or down the sight rail. (This is especially helpful for Field Archery tournaments, where the recurve scope is moved from top to bottom on the sight, instead of being positioned at a single location throughout the tournament. Due to the shortened tube length, distortion due to tunnel effect is eliminated, as the tube wall on the top or bottom portion of the scope housing is no longer in view)

Bright sight pin due to an approximate 13cm (5.1") long protected wrapped fiber
Control the pin brightness and eliminate starburst with our popular Rheostat Cover design
Available in black only
8/32 thread rod
Does not accept a lens, housing is not threaded
Dexterity: RH and LH

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