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Oak Ridge Redden
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Art-Nr. 20220709-33
Menge Stück
Zuggewicht 25 lbs
30 lbs
35 lbs
40 lbs
45 lbs
Ausführung RH - Right Hand
LH - Left Hand

Bow length: 62”
Draw weight: 25-55lbs (increasing by 5lbs)
Brace height: 8”
Max draw length: 30”
Made out of dymond wood with maple wood, carbon & black fiberglass.
The Redden is a new version of the popular Dymond. The biggest difference is in the riser which consists of two colors. Both in the well-known Dymond wood. The limbs are still made of maple with a layer of carbon and black fiberglass finish. The reinforced bow tips allow a high-quality premium string. The window and shelf are both rounded which enhances the excellent performance of this bow!

incl. Pfeilauflage und FF Sehne

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