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OMP Versa Cradle Micro Tune Bow Vise
499,00 €   Stück
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Art-Nr. 20201130-29
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Achieve perfect level with the Versa-Cradle Micro-Tune

Macro adjust into position with a 360° locking-head ball design and micro adjust for advanced leveling of the first and second axes

Accommodating any style bow the 3.5″ wide surface area locks split or single limbs in place at any angle

Micro adjust thumb screw for first and second axis adjustment
Macro adjusting 360º locking-head ball
3.5″ wide surface area designed to provide full capture on newer wide limb bows
Quick and easy Cam-Lock lever system
Accommodates most modern bows and crossbows
Heavy-duty, fully adjustable bow vise
Made in the USA

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