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Axcel Accustat II Scope (5 PIn)
199,00 €   Stück
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Art-Nr. 20200519-19
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Premiere multi-pin micro-adjustable housing
Now lighter than the original Accustat
Firepin equipped for optimal pin brightness in low light conditions
2nd alignment ring helps shooters visualize torque in sight picture
Fits on to any AXCEL® sight with a 2nd and 3rd axis removable block with YCS
AccuTouch, Achieve or AX series sights
Scope has a void in the engraving at the center of the scope for those archers that choose to use their chaser pin in the exact middle of the housing
Micro-adjustable pins work similarly to that of the Rheotech hunting sight
Upgraded Rheostat fiber cover that allows the archer to adjust the brightness of the pins
Will accept a Rheostat sight light
1 ¾” housing has 24” of fiber weaving all the way around the scope
Bubble and bubble housing are within the circumference of the housing
Five pin configuration
Pin diameter: .010"

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