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Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes
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Art-Nr. 20190905-17
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Ausführung Model B (240-290 fps)
Model C (280-330 fps)

• Pro Series Sight Tapes come in 3 individual pages
• A-Slow, B-Medium Fast , C-Very Fast
• These Range from very slow, approximately 200 FPS, to very fast for the speed demons, approximately 330 FPS
• 126 "different" sight tapes over the 3 pages and are color coded to assist in preventing sight setting errors
• The average tape difference is in 1 FPS increments
• Average difference between tapes at 110 yards is 1/2 yard
• All tapes range from sub 20 yards to 110 yards
• While it is impossible to say exactly which page you fall into due to variances in peep height, sight distance to eye, and anchor point, there are measurements on each page that identify the gaps for 20-60 yards and 20-40 yards, first number is the slowest tape on each page and the second is the fastest tape on each page
• Each page also has an overlap of several tapes from the previous page
• Each page has a cutout ruler in .05 inch increments to assist in measuring your gap on a sight
• 100% WATERPROOF, when applied directly to the sight
• Printed with UV inks directly to waterproof vinyl that is self adhesive
• Simply find your gap measurement then match to the tape, cutout to fit your sight, peel and apply
• Most shooters find that the tapes are so close together that they can use several on each page

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