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DCA Custom Arrows Rev 2.0 Mini Sabre Vane
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Mini Sabre vanes are designed with flight stability and low noise as their main focus, the vanes offer a unique design and superior performance. Developed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and Labradar (Doppler Radar). Made with a material that is extremely tough with no permanent deformation, better adhesion, and can be used with a variety of adhesives. The Sabre’s unique design has proven to be quiet, effective, and reliable making this a great choice for any archer!

Mini Sabre
Patent Protected - Scientifically Developed - Ultra Quiet - Ultra Stable
For use with mechanical Broadheads, Field Points, Small (1") Fixed Blades
Minimal Surface Area and Weight - Same stability as parabolic shaped 2.75” vanes
Dimensions: .465" x 2"
Weight: 6+/-0.1gr
Durable Rev 2.0 Material
Alcohol wipes to prep base (included) – Primer pen not required
Works with most vane adhesives (Maxi-Cure Recommended)
Optimized Using Computer Simulations, a Wind Tunnel, and other Scientific and Field Testing
Orange, Green, Pink, White, Yellow

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