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Bohning Cresting Kit Professional
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Art-Nr. 20150604-01
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Introducing the new Bohning Crester! Many improvements have been made. It offers a 220-440 RPM range, a reversible pattern rest (English & metric). The new back rail setup allows the user to place the arms anywhere along the rail to provide the best shaft stabilization and convenient placement for cresting.

The Crester offers:

•Versatile anodized back rail system allows for easy tuning & a variety of cresting configurations
•Flip-down upper pattern rest. Easily reverses for both English & metric units
•Convenient 1oz. paint jar storage behind rail
•Solid hardwood base
•Plenty of places to store your brushes when not in use
•Variable speed - Find the perfect rotational speed every time
The kit will include:
• 1 Crester
• 6-1 oz. jars of Acry-Lac paint (black, red, yellow, blue, silver, & gold)
• 4 paint brushes (hairline, 1/8”, 1/4” & 1/2”)


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