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TruGlo Sight Range Rover Pro Wheel 1 Dot
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Art-Nr. 20150223-04
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Zero in your accuracy with TRUGLO's Zero-In Adjustment Dial. Ultra-smooth dial provides remarkably precise Micro•Adjust elevation turning, giving hunters an extra edge in difficult conditions.

Hone your long distance accuracy with PWR•DOT's illuminated CENTER•DOT technology. Innovative scope housing has a circle with lighted center dot for superior long distance accuracy.

•Scope housing has 1/2” diameter circle with lighted center dot for superior long distance accuracy
•Adjustable green LED with 11 brightness settings with included CR2032 battery
•Micro-adjust windage - precision click design
•Tool-less yardage and windage lock
•Sight housing accepts 1.87” scope lens (sold separately)
•Includes over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify setup
•Adjustable yardage-stop customizes maximum yardage setting
•Laser marks for windage and elevation adjustments
•Quiver can be mounted directly to bracket
•Adjustable for left and right-handed shooters
•Quiver mount included
•Patent pending

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