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Beiter Nocks 191
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Nockmaul: 1 (ca. 0,088)

Insert nock from Beiter.

Key features:

For S size shafts/ 6.5mm/ Standard/ .244
Each nock has only one single mould for the tightest tolerances and the highest precision.
Nock grove shaped to prevent pinching the string for a consistent release.
Simple to install with an easy push-fit design.
Asymmetrical design, made specifically for the most accurate shooting with fingers.
Technical specifications:

Type: Insert fit.
Size: 6.25mm diameter.
Groove Size: Small (1)
Weight: 9.5 grns
Compatibility: Easton Super-Uni- System Victory VFORCE, Gold Tip Entrada Ultralight, 3D Pro, Warrior

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