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RINEHART Target 3D Red Stag IBO
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Art-Nr. 20190906-03
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3D target from Rinehart.

Key features:

High quality 3D Target from Rinehart's Signature/ Competition Series.
Made from Rinehart's renowned, solid, self-healing foam.
IBO scoring design.
Replaceable insert for extended use life.
Weatherproof and UV resistant for long lasting look.
Shipping information:

Orders of targets can be shipped by pallet to an address other than your standard shipping address. Please contact your account manager to arrange this.
JVD is not accountable for any direct or indirect damages caused during transport to and from our distribution centre. Which include but are not limited to: manufacturing defects, design defects, paint cracking, fading, bursts and/or slight damages such as cracks, chips and/or indented areas. Major damages and/or missing pieces upon delivery will of course be compensated in the most applicable manner.
Technical specifications:

Dimensions (Built): Length: 5ft / 152.5cm Height: 8ft / 244cm
Dimensions (Packed):
Weight: 550lbs / 250kg (simulated)
Scoring Rings: IBO
Replaceable Parts: Yes

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