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Win&Win Limbs Wiawis NS-XP Wood
ab 899,00 €   Stück
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20240108-08
Menge Stück
Länge 66 Zoll - short
68 Zoll - medium
70 Zoll - long
Zuggewicht 28 lbs
30 lbs
32 lbs
34 lbs
36 lbs
38 lbs
40 lbs
42 lbs
44 lbs
46 lbs

Achieve precise arrow grouping with exceptional shooting speed and power.
ILF fitting, fits any type of ILF risers.
Material: Wood Core / Advanced High modulus Carbon
Available in short, medium and long.
28 till 50lbs in 2lbs increments.
SEF(Soft Epoxy Film): SEF materials, first introduced to archery, enhance shock absorption and reduce vibration, improving bow stability and forgiveness.
Infrared Blocking Technology: The limbs are coated with an infrared-reflective layer, mitigating heat and temperature rise, thus notably reducing damage.
Optimized carbon pattern design: The NS-XP's specialized carbon pattern boosts stability and precision, enhancing rigidity and reducing bow fluctuation and draw variance.
The ultimate wood core limbs: The NS-XP wood limb, crafted through a precise manufacturing process with selected wood core materials, has improved the arrow's focus with its stable draw and powerful shooting.

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