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Arizona E-Z Fletch MiniMax
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Ausführung Right Fletching Jig
Left Fletching Jig

Arizona Rim Country Products wanted to make life easy for archers who shoot small vanes and small diameter shafts, by creating the E-Z Fletch MiniMax. This fletching jig allows you to fletch 1-3 vanes up to 3 inches long at one time. So you can fletch new arrows, or repair damaged ones. Just place your vanes in the slots, add a bead of glue to each, fold the clamps up against the shaft and wait. Your arrow is fletched in seconds.


Allows you to fletch up to a 3" vane with a left helical in seconds
Allows you to fletch 3 vanes at one time
Accommodates small diameter arrows and arrows up to 5/16" in diameter
Fastest, easiest, most accurate fletching tool Compact so you can fletch anywhere

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