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Decut Befiederungsgerät Charge
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The DECUT CHARGE Arrow Fletching Jig is a must-have for bowhunters or target archers who demand precision in fletchings!

Build arrows with a 3 fletch 120° layout with the indicator vane up or out, for both recurve and compound archers.

Lower shaft angle to reduce glue runoff.

Compatible with all arrow diameters.

Clamp to hold vanes/feathers up to 5" in length.

Constructed out of rugged diecast and machined aluminum materials for ultimate durability.

Easy set-up and simple operation.

Material: Aluminum, ABS
Dimension: 26 x 17.3 cm
Weight: 580 g
Package includes: 1 x Arrow Fletching Jig with Clamp

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