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50 Stk. Jake Kaminski AAE Wav Pro Vanes
ab 29,99 €   Packung
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20231002-04
Menge Packung
Farbe weiß / white
fire orange / fire orange
leuchtgrün / bright green
rosa / pink
gelb / yellow
blau / blue
rot / red
schwarz / black

The WAV PRO vane is made from the same proven material as the WAV vanes.

The new shape is shorter in length and taller in height.

This Produces a more forgiving vane that stabilizes quicker out of the bow for better groups down range.
This vane is optimized for both high draw weight and low draw weight setups, bringing the WAV vane success and durability to more shooters.

Perfect for string walking with your bare bow, shooting Olympic style recurve in field, indoor and outdoor tournaments.
The higher profile almost doubles the surface area of the vane, allowing more stability out of the bow on less than perfect shots.

Technical Data:

2.08 Grains Each
1.7" Long
0.460" Tall
50 Vanes in Each Pack, Eight colour options

Fletching Instructions:


Vanes have a factory applied activator and removing this with any solvent or primer pen will prevent adhesion.

Clean shaft with AAE Max Clean or Max Wipes (do not use acetone)
Place vane in clamp, apply AAE Fastest Gel or AAE Max Bond along the center of the vane
Place clamp in jig and press vane on the shaft firmly

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