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Morrell High Roller Combo Foam Target
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The Morrel High Roller Foam™ is solid poured and "self-heals" upon penetration.
13" x 13" x 13"
Weight: 10 lbs.
Any Arrow Tip
Crossbow/Compound Bow Approved
Morrel recommends utilizing all bullseyes of your High Roller Target while practicing; doing so will allow you to gain the most life out of your target.
As with all solid poured foam and conventional foam archery targets, broadheads cut foam as it enters the target. It’s recommended practicing with field tips and sighting in with Broadheads. Using this methodology, it will give you maximum target life.
The High Roller Foam™ is weatherproof however, we recommend storing your High Roller Foam™ Target inside when not in use.

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