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OD Green

ULTRAVIEW has engineered the BEEREAL 2.0 with a flat grip face, a deep, rounded throat, and an over-molded rubber panel, all designed to enhance accuracy and moderate input without sacrificing comfort. The BEEREAL 2.0 grip body is molded from high-quality ceramic polymer composite so that the cold is never an issue.


Arrow Shelf: Designed to help protect your fingers when in close proximity to arrows, as well as secure your arrows in place
Flat Grip Face: Designed with a flat grip face that contours into a deeply rounded grip throat that comfortably optimizes accuracy and consistency
Rubber Overmoulding: Specifically designed to provide excellent grip in adverse weather conditions while retaining rigidity for consistency from shot to shot
Engineered Polymer Grip: Ceramic polymer grip body has excellent thermal properties to stay warm to the touch even in cold weather
Available Colors: Black, Carbon Gray, Dun, OD Green
Dexterity: LH/RH
Notice: Compatible with 2019 and newer Mathews bows only

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