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ULTRAVIEW UV Stabilizer™ Target 30"
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Available length: 30”
Weight: 5.17 oz.
Construction: High Modulus Carbon
Bar diameter: 0.5”
Weight-end thread: QuickWeight™ System
Proudly designed and built in America
Stiffness: Made from Ultra High Modulus Carbon, UV Stabilizer™ is 13% stiffer than the competitor's average stiffness. The stiffer the bar the more forgiving.

UV QuickWeight™ System: UV Stabilizer™'s patent-pending UV QuickWeight™ system allows for quick and easy weight changes without extra hardware or long threaded rods that can be lost or are not needed

Mass Weight: UV Stabilizer™ is designed to be one of the lightest stabilizers on the market. This feature allows archers to add more weight to the front of the stabilizer for the same net weight of the bar, providing more inertia to the bow for greater accuracy and control

Diameter: At .5”, UV Stabilizer™ is extremely thin, allowing it to cut through the air with minimal drag, giving you a more stable and precise hold, even in harsh winds

Competitive Advantage: Target archers are always looking for a competitive advantage, and the UV StabilizerTM delivers just that. With its combination of lightness, thin diameter, stiffness, and UV QuickWeight™ system, the UV Stabilizer provides archers with the precision and power they need to hit more tens and achieve higher scores

Quality Design: The UV Stabilizer™ is hand-crafted in America with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring its longevity and durability over time

Application: The UV Stabilizer™ is compatible with a wide range of bows and archery styles, making it a versatile choice for any target archer looking to take their game to the next level


2oz integrated weight within the endcap, and additional 1 oz or 4oz weights are sold separately
Note: Weight of bar not including the integrated 2oz weight cap

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