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 Recurve & Bare Bow riser
 23” length, RH version only
 Milled from solid bar of Aluminum 6061 T6
 Matte anodized colors
 Aluminum Limbs alignment plates
 Special round seats for optional balancing weights
 Silver color Stainless Steel Limbs Bolts
 Plastic molded Black color grip
 3 front stabs holes
 Approx. 1160 gr total weight
 Available colors: Blue (BL), Red (RD), Black (BK) , Grey (GY)
 Packing includes long clicker plate, Manual with warranty card
and 5 Allen wrenches

Optional accessories available:
 G05-DK2 2 steel disk heavy weights kit
 G02-CKK Plastic cliker plates in different colors and
 G04-BW-03 “The Hammers” Bare bow weights, AL or SS
 Various Plugs to cover bottom weights holes, made by wood or
plastic 3D printed in various colors
 Various grips made by wood or plastic 3D printed in various colors

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