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T.R.U. Ball Release FulKrum Flex Quicksilver
ab 319,00 €   Stück
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Art-Nr. 20180205-02
Menge Stück
Größe 3 or 4 Finger M
3 or 4 Finger L

Back tension style release aid from TRU Ball.

Key features:

Precision CNC machined brass construction, for a weighted feel in the hand with anti-corrosion Quicksilver coating.
Highly customisable design.
Hardened stainless steel internal components for high quality reliability.
Aluminium finger pieces featuring micro-adjustment within a 15 degree range to get the perfect and most consistent fit in your hand.
Finger pieces included to make your release aid three finger, four finger or three finger claw without having to buy extra accessories.
LAS system allows for multiple head positions to suit your anchor point.
New, micro adjustable sear for easy adjustment.
Can be used with or without a click.
Pairs perfectly with Abyss Flex (see alternative products below) to give options for back tension or trigger shooting without having to change your bow set up.

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