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Hori-Zone Crossbow Pkg Kornet MX-405
Speed: 405 fps
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Art-Nr. 20180126-01
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Compound style crossbow from Hori-Zone.

Key features:

Extreme speed at 405fps!
Pistol grip with soft rubber for comfort.
Tactical back end with adjustable, AR style stock.
Folding, rubber coated foot stirup.
Limb damper for minimal vibration and noise.
Anti dry fire trigger.
Intergrated picatinny rail for accessory mounting.
Gen II side mounting bracket for more room while shooting.
Package includes: 3x 20" carbon bolts, 4 x32 illuminated glass reticle scope, rope cocker and lube wax.

Technical specifications:

Velocity: 405fps
Kinetic Energy:
Draw Weight: 200lbs
Power Stroke: 15"
Mass Weight: 6.15lbs
Width: 17.5" axle to axle.
Finish: Camo

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