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Hori-Zone Crossbow Package Kornet Maxx
Speed: 425 fps
514,00 €   Set
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20200901-41
Menge Set

Technical specifications
Package TypeHardware pack with instruction manual
Length 32 inch
Mass Weight3266 gram
Width (Cocked/ Uncocked)17.75/ 14.375 inch
Included AccessoriesAlum side quiver bracket with quick detached and 4x32 illuminated Reticle Scope
Bolt Length5 inch
Factory Speed 425 fps
Poundage210 lbs
Colour TrueBlack
Power Stroke15 inch
Materia lCarbon

Including tactical stock
The Bedlam features a pistol grip for an optimal position for the trigger.
Adjustable front grip
Dry fire protection
Tactical rail for further accessoires
Equipped with throwing arm dampers for supressing noise and vibration

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