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Pfeilauflage Centerrest Flipper
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The Beiter Rest for Recurve is the first Arrow Rest designed by Werner Beiter which will be sold on the archery market.Years of testing, many prototypes, hundreds of High Speed Films have helped to develop this first Beiter arrow rest for Recurve Bows. The Support has incorporated a revolutionary Guiding System for the Finger, which may change position, carried by a specific designed Spindle.Due to the Support being applied with a specific angle (max ca. 15°), the Arrow Position versus the Plunger and the Nocking Point may be determined and changed very quickly and more precise than with any other Rest on the market! A Scale offers the opportunity to re-position the Finger after tests or changes. - it has been designed to be used for both left- and right-handed archers! - it may be changed within seconds, for example from Carbon- to Aluminum-Shafts ! - a scale on the Support allows a re-producable position of the Finger. Therefor the height

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