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Hoyt Handle Grand Prix (ILF) GMX 3-Series 25" 2024
ab 959,00 €   Stück
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Art-Nr. 20230916-18
Menge Stück
Ausführung RH - rechts Hand
LH - links Hand
Farbe Solar Orange
Stardust Purple
Cosmo Blue
Black Ink

Hoyt’s Dynamic Balance System increases stability during the draw cycle and especially during the release of the string
Lower shifted grip position improves the consistency of the archers hand placement in both the pivot point and pressure point
Features the Perfect Balance Weight System (PBWS) and includes 2 1oz weights machined for a precise fit in cutouts in top or bottom limb pockets
Dynamic Flex Control is the foundation for every Hoyt recurve riser design. DFC is controlling the IN and OUT of Plane flex on both the top and bottom of the riser
Includes Hoyt’s Verta-Tune Clicker Plate Extension
Pro Series Tiller Bolt uses premium stainless steel with a Nitride coating, and is laser marked to provide easy and repeatable indexing for tiller and weight adjustments.
360 Dampers are located in both the top and bottom pockets of the limbs. This is the optimized location to dampen vibration
Re-designed brass inserts reduce high friction contact points within the Pro Series dovetail block, eliminating any unwanted noise, clicking, or vibration during the draw cycle
String Tension Technology System gives archers a highly customized feel without changing their tune, poundage, or limbs
Shibuya Ultima rest plate available (sold separately)
Limb pocket style: Grand Prix (ILF)
Lateral limb adjustment: Yes
Clicker extension: Yes (Verta-Tune Clicker Plate)

Length: 25” Riser
Weight: 2.93 lbs. | 1329 grams)
Dexterity: LH or RH
Finish: Durable Cerakote
Color: Black Ink, Cosmo Blue, InfraRed, Slate, Solar Orange, Stardust Purple

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