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Mathews Compound Bow Title 38 Black Limbs 2024
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Art-Nr. 20230910-16
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Ausführung RH 60#-29.0" 80% Let Off Black/ Black Limbs
RH 65#-28.0" 75% Let Off Mint/ Black Limbs

Mass Weight: 2068 gram
Draw Length: 26.0 - 31.5 inch
Factory Speed: 330 fps
Axle to Axle: 38.00 inch
Poundage: 40 - 70 lbs
Brace Height: 7.0 inch
Let-off: 70 %
Cam Type: SWT

Equipped with new SWT- SwitchWeight Cams with perimeter weight technology for maximum efficiency and an ultra-smooth draw cycle.
Switchweight Mods are specifically optimized at each draw length, draw weight and let-off to maximize performance for every archer.
Anchor weight system (removable) optimizes the center of gravity of the TITLE by focusing the weight of the bow below the grip. Made from 8oz of solid brass provides a more balanced and stable hold to deliver an enhanced post-shot feel.

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