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Redline RL Torch 2-Pin Dovetail Sight
RH - Right Hand
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The Redline Torch is a sight that can match your aggression in the woods ounce for ounce, yard by yard.
Whatever you throw at this sight, it will throw flawless performance back.

Built to match the aggression you bring to every hunt, the Torch from Redline is designed to fit any range, any scenario, and any hunt.
Dual Vertical Pin Design Gives 2 Aiming Points for Fast and Accurate Aiming [.019th ] & [adjustable .010th ]
Dual Gear Driven, Ultra Smooth & Precise Wheel Driven Slider
Quick Flip to Adjustable Hard Stop Sets on Wheel Slider for Quick Yardage Selection 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis Adjustments
USB Rechargeable Integrated 4 Stage Sight Light
Right/Left Dual Yardage Tapes
Brass Self-Lubricating Micro Windage Adjustment
Metal Tape Yardage (comes with 40 metal yardage tapes)
Bubble Level (comes with 3 - Green/Red/Blue)
Battery Life: 8 Hours Straight Run Time
Recharge Time: 1 Hour


Construction: Carbon bar and Aluminum sight housing
Mount style: Dovetail
Weight: 13 oz.
2nd & 3rd Axis: yes
Rapid travel: yes
Micro-adjust: yes
Accepts sight light: yes
Accepts lens: no
Dexterity: (LH or RH or LH/RH)
Number of pins: 2 (vertical)
Pin diameter: .019 & .010 (adjustable)

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