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Gray Archery Handle Recurve Arcum
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Ausführung 25" RH Black

The Arcum is not a conventional riser and was not designed to be. The Arcum riser represents a new shift in barebow riser design.
Length: 25”
Weight: 1550g
The riser has been designed to be out the box barebow ready, weighing in at 1550g no weight addition is required for an intermediate barebow archer as the center of mass of the riser is 8mm forward than that of the AIX V3 riser and 17mm lower, making it a bottom heavy riser designed to be shot as a barebow first and an Olympic recurve second.
The riser incorporates a unique flat face design which facilitates placement of weights on either the left, right or center of the riser all utilizing 13 x 5/16unf threaded holes.
The aim was to create a lightweight yet strong structure, and what better place to look at examples than nature? The Arcum was inspired by the hollow structure of bird bones and the vascular structures in bamboo. This unique weight reduction method allows users to have 8 weight mounting points on the bottom window of the riser, without any compromise in strength.
The upper site window comes with three clicker mounting points as well as four 5/16unf plunger holes that gives the barebow archer even more options when it comes to arrow tuning and clearance.

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