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Total Peep Rest Shield for QAD Arrow
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Art-Nr. 20221206-19
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Tired of old, peeling felt on your drop-away rest? Total Peep Rest Shield eliminates noise created from the arrow shaft sliding across the dovetail.

· Designed to completely cover QAD arrow rest forks, producing a smooth and silent draw

· Constructed with a velvet finish

· Fits perfectly, is durable, and does not move

· Ultra-thin to minimize the effect on arrow tune


· Normal: compatible with QAD ULTRAREST HDX, LD, MXT and HUNTER

· Integrated: compatible with QAD INTEGRATED MXREST (Hoyt and Mathews) models

Assembly instructions:

· Remove any existing felt and prep the surface with alcohol

· Press the tips of the fork inward during installation

· Carefully insert the rest shield ensuring that the tips are completely seated

· Be sure the capture guard is completely seated to complete installation

· Check the arrow rest height

· You might have to lower it a little bit…

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