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Tim Wells Signature -Slockmaster- Blasrohr 625 Kaliber, 5 Fuß
Tim Wells Signature -Slockmaster- Blasrohr 625 Kaliber, 5 Fuß
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Art-Nr. 20210529-02
Menge Set

Tim Wells is one of the most skilled primitive hunters on the planet. As fans of his award winning show Relentless Pursuit will attest, he has summoned the nerve and put his life on the line on countless occasions. Taking down large dangerous game armed with little more than a spear, bow or knife. - Length: 5' (Two Piece) - Wall Thickness: 1.7mm (.625 caliber) - Included: Mouthpiece • Rubber Ferrule • Dart Quiver • Quiver Guard • Hand Grip • 30 Darts (20 Razor Tip Broadhead, 10 Mini Broadhead)

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