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Axcel Contour Finger Tab Brady Ellison Signature Series
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Art-Nr. 20190515-13
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Brass version of the finger tab designed by the best Olympic recurve archer in the U.S. - Brady Ellison. It is designed to fit nearly any archer and to eliminate many of the problems associated with other tabs.

• This finger tab is entirely manufactured and designed by AXCEL® Archery in the USA
• More ergonomic than any finger tab in the marketplace today
• Collaborating with Brady Ellison to bring design concepts to life that help athletes shoot more arrows and better scores
• Aluminum construction with adjustable features to be revealed soon
• Ergonomic finger beds for ultimate comfort and proper finger spacing
• Rear palm extender adjusts lengthwise to fit and and radially to touch palm
• Adjustable finger spacer an shelf for maximum comfort
• Elastic band keeper with round cord lock
3 layer tab face:
• Cordovan leather face
• Rubber comfort middle layer
• Soft suede leather backing

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