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Hoyt Compound Bow PowerMax Package UltraFlex Cam
UltraFlex PowerMax Package 2016
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Ausführung RH 60 lbs -Cam#3 (25.5"-30") BlackOut
RH 70 lbs Cam#3 (25.5"-30") RealTree XtraTM (+ 80,00 €)

Arguably the best bow for the buck, the PowerMax brings you the perfect mix of technology, performance, style, and value. Powered by the new PowerMax cam, this sleek bow features a Split-Limb design on a Hoyt TEC riser, for a lightweight, hard-hitting, buck-dropping rig. Big on technology and easy on the wallet, the PowerMax delivers maximum power, accuracy, and feel, with a minimum price tag. Maximize your budget with the PowerMax. PowerMax Xtra Long draw options available.


•Axle-to-axle: 31” // FPS (ATA): 328
•Brace height: 63/4” // Mass weight: 3.8 lbs.
Cam Draw Range

•#2 24” to 25”
•#3 25.5” to 30”
The full range of each cam’s available draw length is achievable with a single rotating module, without the use of a bow press.

PowerMax package:

•Fuse 5-pin profire sight, vector 4-arrow QD
•Quiver, flexblade stabilizer, QAD hunter
•Ultrarest, wrist sling and peep sight


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