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Hoyt Compound Bow Invicta 40 SVX
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Art-Nr. 20190820-01
Menge Stück
Ausführung rechts Hand
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Zuggewicht 60 lbs (reduzierbar auf 50 lbs)
50 lbs (reduzierbar auf 40 lbs)
Auszug Cam 2: 27-28
Cam 3: 28.5-29.5
Cam 4: 30-31
Cam 5: 31.5-32
Farbe BlackOut
Red Satin
Cobalt Blue Satin
Slate Satin
Matte Purple
Jet Black Satin
Cobalt Blue Satin
Championship Red Satin
Orange Torch Satin
Electric Teal Satin
Gold Medal Satin

Compound bow from Hoyt.

Key features:

Longer and lighter weight riser design.
Stable riser design for incredible aim and hold.
Included, interchangeable grips offer a selection of angles and heights for the best fit and optimal pressure through the grip. Can also be used to shorten draw length to find the perfect spot.
Quiet and smooth shot experience with extreme vibration removing design.
Featuring Hoyt’s high performance SVX cam for a hard stop, smooth draw and fast arrow speeds.
Adjustable, torque reducing cable guard design.
Selection of attractive, satin finish, anodized colours options.

Technnical specifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle-to-axle: 40.25"
Bracing height: 7.25"
Poundage options: 30-40, 40-50 or 50-60
Mass weight: 2227
Let-off: 65%
Draw length options: Cam 2: 27-28, Cam 3: 28.5-29.5, Cam 4: 30-31, Cam 5: 31.5-32
Speed rating: 325 fps
Cam: SVX
Finish: Anodized

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